Leaps in Leadership

Is your organisation

releasing world-class

value at pace,

without stakeholder politics,
or overtime?

You know what your people need, but you don't have enough time to professionalise your team.

You push yourself to your limits and give your everything.

Yet sometimes it seems like it will never be enough to make real progress in your challenges.

So what’s missing?

If it feels like you're working too hard,

you're working too hard!

How do we change that? You enrol yourself or your people in the ...

Leaps in Leadership Programme - 1:1 or Cohort

Calendar Mastery

Prime Leadership Framework

6 x 1h Calls

90 Days

Programme Overview

1. Calendar Mastery

The first issue every leader shares with me is that they don’t have enough time. At least, that is what they summarise their situation to be.

In this session, we will give your time management some TLC together. Every hour in your calendar should deliver an average of €10k of value.

Afterwards, you will have the following:

  • minimised out-of-hours work

  • 10-20% of your working time back

  • a lightweight system for how best to use this time

2. Prime

Leadership Framework

With more time to think on your hands, your mind may then start to notice all the things that you wish you would have attended to.

What is also common at this point, leaders I work with feel overwhelmed and aren’t sure how to organise it all.

In this session, we will map out where you’re at in your work using my easy-to-remember, high-leverage leadership model.

Afterwards, you will have the following:

  • clarity on what is and is not important

  • overview of the 3 key areas and which need what attention

  • understanding of your personal roadmap

3. Value Delivery

The next key challenge that comes up is a lack of outside perspective, calibration, and feedback. More than half the senior leaders in product I speak with don’t have anyone similarly or more experienced in Products in their company.

In this session, we will review and upgrade your product portfolio together.

Afterwards, you will have the following:

  • points of pride in what’s already great

  • sense of confidence from unbiased “challengingly” supportive feedback

  • a work plan for taking your portfolio’s value delivery to world-class

4. People & Relationship Development

Encompassed in ‘People Development’ are the Product professionals in your group/department and your relationships with other stakeholders.

The three most common challenges here relate to lack of alignment with key stakeholders, issues with hiring Product professionals, sufficient time to grow existing Product professionals.

In this session, we will take a walk through your network and give it a tune-up together.

Afterwards, you will have the following:

  • a plan for influencing hesitant/reluctant stakeholders

  • a work plan for progression in your Products org.

  • a refreshed approach for engaging your people

5. Organisational Improvement

The vast majority of companies I encounter who create digital products and solutions have an organisational structure that is not optimised for this type of work.

In this session, we will work through your organisation’s set-up and revive your efforts to promote product flow.

Afterwards, you will have the following:

  • external review of your organisation’s approach

  • quick-win options for improvement

  • strategy outline for influencing top stakeholders towards product flow

6. Value Flow Booster

It is often the case that there are a few key moments that senior leaders must prepare for. Key moments that have a monumental and pivotal impact on how value flows through the organisation.

In this session, we will prepare for 1-2 of such key moments specifically so that you show up at your best.

Afterwards, you will have the following:

  • clear game plan for these key moments

  • vision for how the key meetings will go

  • sense of readiness to shine at these key moments

Previous Clients from ...

Typical Results

(program + integration) * will = ...

10-20% freed up time

~+20% more impact

mental space for strategy

more engaged people

more supportive stakeholders

rekindled joy at work

Selected Testimonials

What a few others said about working with Georg

Ayesha Moarif

"Working with Georg was a game-changer for me. [...] Being coached and being managed are worlds apart – once experienced it seems so obvious and so glaringly absent elsewhere. [...]

I learned what it takes to create a truly fulfilling and effective way of working and haven’t looked back. If you have a chance to work with Georg, absolutely go for it – I hope to be lucky enough to do it again."

Sheila Taghavi

"Working with Georg was one of the best professional decisions I have made to date. [...] I have taken on the mindset of a leader taking my team and myself to the next levels as opposed to plodding along with no change and no progression.

It has given me the motivation to have the difficult conversations, to push for changes and to challenge myself. Georg’s coaching sessions are invaluable, I highly recommend them if you are looking to develop, improve and enhance your professional development. Thank you Georg!"

Rob Stirling

I highly recommend Georg Fasching as an organisational coach. [...]

As part of the Digital Management Team Georg coached the group as a team, assisting it to learn its strategic goals and coaching the team in terms of its organisational growth and delivery. [...] I received one-to-one executive coaching from Georg as part of this management team to assist myself in become a better leader and to develop my professional community.

Georg on a personal note, is very approachable and great to have around the office. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about his field. He is the ultimate professional and fully committed to the cause he was working on. Georg would be an asset to any organisation he works with.

About Your Coach

Over the past 20+ years, I pursued my passion and proficiency in Digital Product Development while working predominantly in the payment and technology spaces, mostly with large multinational enterprises. In a traditional product career of working in and with teams as business analyst, product manager, group product manager, and finally in an executive team as VP of Products, it was always teamwork in the context of the organisation I was fascinated with.

My early attempts at effecting enterprise-level & large-scale pursuits of agility that didn't include senior management teams were less effective.

Since 2014, working closely with senior leaders first has been integral in mitigating the issue. Most of this practice is centred around guiding senior management teams as teams to purposeful proficiency & performance in a world of increasing complexity.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the path that's right for you.

DIY Option


  • Calendar Mastery Introduction

  • Prime Leadership Framework Intro

  • Free resources

  • No Guidance

  • No Challenge

  • No Accountability

Done-Together Program

1:1 or in Small Cohort


  • Full Calendar Mastery Work-Up

  • Prime Leadership Framework In-Depth

  • ~+20% Time Value

  • Solid staff engagement

  • Stakeholder Support All Around

  • Rekindled Joy in Your Role

  • Lifetime online access to module briefings

Frequently Asked Questions

Outrageous results you state. How can you claim these?

Georg has been in the Digital Product Development world for over 20 years.

He spent about 10 years climbing the traditional Product Management career ladder, from Business Analyst, to Product Manager, to Product Line Manager, to Chief Product Officer.

Since 2012, Georg has been serving the product field as Product Delivery & Product Leadership Coach, as well as Senior & Executive Management and Team advisor for Product Discovery, Management, and Delivery.

Are there any guarantees?

You will have a free 45-minute-long consultation to ensure that there is a strong fit between you and Georg, as well as your situation and the program itself.

Guarantee 1: If you proceed and start the program but don't find the first call (Calendar Mastery) satisfactory, there is a full money-back guarantee.

Guarantee 2: If you finish the program and show evidence that you have taken the agreed steps, but have not gained the results that the program typically helps product leaders achieve, Georg will continue to work with you until you do. This will take the form of monthly half-hour long video calls, and email-based support in between the calls.

Where can I find more about and from you?

For more information about Georg, please visit his about page: https://georgfasching.com/about/

For articles published by Georg, please visit his blog: https://georgfasching.com/blog/

For videos published by Georg, please visit his YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/GeorgFasching/

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